miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

calzoncillos ck al por mayor, calzoncillos calvin klein al por mayor,ropa interior de ck baratos

Looks great with jeans. Unfortunately I scratched the logo with my Calvin Klein belt so I guess they do not play well together. I was surprised at how well these fit in comparison to the ck steel. I prefer ck and the steel trunks are my favorite. These might be a bit nicer than the steel although not enough to change my current shopping prefences. The monogram and eagle design is a welcome change from my ck's and I enjoy the variety of having more than one brand of designer underwear.
I got these in the navy and black. They seem to fade quicker than the calvin klein steel's but are more stretchy. The calvin klein stretch enough while maintaining colorfastness. It's as if the Ck's steel are thicker less stretchy but with improved color retention. The Emporio stretch trunks seem thinner stretchy but fade much faster.

One big difference is the Emporio's have a butt maximizer panel design. People teased me for that. At the time I didn't really distinguish all the small details. I just wanted something with a bold logo around my waist to enhance my abs. The butt maximizer it non effective on me as I do plenty of squats and other 

exercises for the legs. I'm pretty thick and toned so the maximizer qualities seemed a bit artificial on me. I wore them several times to stretch them so they fit my body better. In the beginning it was as if the underwear was pushing into my taint area. 

I wanted it more stretched on my ass not lifting and separating. It looked funny and wasn't in place like it should be. Either it didn't cover my hips or I pulled it up to high and I had a weird camel package. In time I got them to behave properly and when I did they contoured perfectly. The CK steel fit right out of the box and seem more reliable

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  1. www.calzoncillos8.es
    These underwear look great and feel great. For a reasonably fit guy in his sixties, it is hard to find underwear that is not too skimpy but not traditional. These hit the spot

  2. Por lo general llevan una talla M, pero resulta ser más grande de lo que yo he esperado. Me gustaría pedir voluntariamente otra talla S, sin embargo, sólo porque es muy cómodo. No realmente "invisible" en los lados, pero lo hará. Una de la mejor ropa interior invisibles por ahí!

  3. Estas son prendas íntimas impresionantes, y nunca, nunca me dan líneas de las medias. De hecho, me compro estos como una alternativa barata a Commando-marca de ropa interior ... que son (en mi opinión) las mejores prendas íntimas jamás se ha hecho. Estos Calvin Klein son un cercano segundo lugar, sin embargo - y tan cómodo y con estilo. Si ellos hacen en algodón, estaría encantado ...