miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014

CALVIN KLEIN UNDERW Charm glossy black base models hip lady briefs

Calvin Klein like the clean perfect image, and therefore also in the clothing, the use of silk, satin, linen, cotton and wool and other natural materials, with a neat cut, showing a noble style, until today, has never changed. Calvin Klein fashion for quite keen sense of smell, in the late 1970s, Calvin Klein jeans launch of the original series, with Brooke Shields as spokesperson, she was on television advertising, said: "! In between me and my Calvin nothing" extreme a provocative discourse, immediately stimulate the sales increase. Similarly, in 1982 issued

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Underwear underwear, with a highly provocative image advertising (eg MaKeHua Berg), changing global perceptions of underwear, the crowd became fashionable pursuit. Calvin Klein perfume is undoubtedly representative to make, in the 1980s Obesession, Eternity and Escape, for Calvin Klein adds many topics, and in 1994 first introduced the cK One perfume cK be neutral and after the break the concept of gender barriers, let brand business to scale the peak.

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