miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

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Today a friend asked me,
A "sammi, I do not wear underwear, not to mention all the chest up,
Feel a lot of meat out, is not a problem underwear ah? "
B "is the ah my small, are not, my colleagues call me pans, How about you, what you are good-looking."
I told my friend, there are other me before you on this issue, choose a good underwear, underwear is very important, underwear, underwear are our personal items, only buy good, not expensive, spend a few hundred euro bought an underwear, an underwear, quality, or buy a dozen to me the difference between the euro, which you say is not quite a loss, I also stumbled on this piece underwear shop (www.ibaratoes.es ),

This shop underwear on, panties, are in line with your question, assured quality problems began to doubt how I would be so cheap underwear has, as long as 2.95 euros / article, I think it will be fluff, or is used it! Staff told us that they are underwear, lingerie quality is 93% cotton, 7% polyester, all under a single declaration directly to the factory direct production, are new.
So I bought a 10 ck underwear, as long as 29.5 euros, plus a € 5 shipping,
You can help me by DHL free shipping, just two days making, shipping immediately, two days arrived,
They will send the tracking number to me, I can upload pictures to show you, I've been in this house (www.calzoncillos8.es) bought a lot of times, they will give gifts to me.
You can also go to try it!

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  1. hola. me pongo en contacto con usted para pedirle el catálogo de los calzoncillos. mi correo es valverdesg789@gmail.com es urgente por favor

  2. Estoy más interesado en ellos, cómo la calidad, creo que una gran parte del precio de compra, entonces, ¿cómo