viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014


Let me start by setting the background: For just about all of my life, ever since I was old enough to start picking out my own underwear and convinced my mother to stop buying me tighty-whiteys, I have been a boxer

guy. I thought I would always be a boxer guy.
Fast forward twenty or so years later, the baggy hip hop look is over and lo and behold, the fashions are getting tighter and slimmer, and I'm getting tired of tucking, jamming, and tugging my old-fashioned boxers into my expensive skinny and slim fit denim. I realized it was time for a change.
I had tried boxer briefs once in the past, just for the hell of it, but found that the legs tended to ride up during the day, making them even tighter and more uncomfortable than briefs. I mentioned this to my fashion designer friend, and he suggested that I look into the trunk cut, which isn't as high as briefs but with less leg than boxer-briefs.
I picked up a few pairs of these CK Steels after reading some positive reviews about them online. I planned on wearing them just with my jeans and using my boxers for everything else.
Even coming from a boxer guy, I can almost wear these all day and not even notice a difference. To be fair to boxers, at the end of the day when you take these Steels off, there is undoubtedly a little bit of relief to be free from constriction and to put on a pair of boxers to lounge around the house in, but hey, you can't have everything. Still, though, these drawers are totally stretchable, soft, and breathable. I got the medium, which is a nice snug fit, but it doesn't matter since they are just so soft and flexible; even the waistband.
I've got to stay true to my working-class roots and keep the boxers on hand as my mainstay for when I wear work suits and other loose pants, but I'm glad to have these drawers on hand for when situation calls.

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  1. I love Calvin Klein underwear and bought a pair of briefs to see if i liked the fit of them. They are nice fitting but i didnt like how they sat on my butt cheeks and they rode up a lot.